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Helicopter Rides Buffalo NY | Helicopter Instructor | Helicopter Aerial Photography including Niagara Falls

Everyone should have an opportunity to see the Western New York area from the exciting vantage point of a helicopter at least once in their lives. AAA Helicopter uses the Enstrom series helicopter that provides a panoramic view with seating for two in front alongside the pilot. 

Hellicopter Instructor Buffalo NY

We offer Helicopter rides in Buffalo NY as well as teach people how to fly helicopters. We want to be your Helicopter Instructor in Buffalo NY so contact us today for your options and pricing.

Sightseeing tours are one thing but AAA Helicopter provides a breathtaking view of the major attractions in the area. Downtown Buffalo with the Naval Park, Erie Basin Marina, University of Buffalo, Erie Canal Harbor, Niagara Square, Coca Cola Field, Rich Stadium and perhaps your own property as well. The Western New York area has so much iconic scenery it is nothing short of magnificent.

The tour is not complete without seeing as much as possible and there are several different packages available pricing based on length of flight time including a flight over Niagara Falls, NY.

Whether it be a helicopter ride around Buffalo or finding a helicopter instructor in Buffalo and Niagara Falls, AAA helicopter will provide you with the utmost service and reliability.

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